Colourful flowers made by A Petal Unfolds. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

A Petal Unfolds

Susan Beech creates delicate paper botanical sculptures under her studio name A Petal Unfolds. Each petal is cut…

Grey ceramic Sculpture by Adele Howitt. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Adele Howitt

Adele Howitt is a designer and maker of ceramics. She has a portfolio of architectural ceramics and public…

Sculptured vase by Anna Donovan. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Anna Donovan

Anna is a ceramicist creating figurative, sculptural works. Through hand building and press moulding, Anna explores identity and…

Metal Sculpture by Anna Rennie a metalworker and exhibitor at Craftworks

Anna Rennie – Artisan Silversmith

Cornish Silversmith & Maille Maker Anna Rennie intuitively reacts to the togetherness of the maker and her hammer….

Ceramic work by Batis Ceramics. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Batis Ceramics

Valeria Isyak is a ceramic artist. Valeria has a unique style she “paints” picture with porcelain. This approach…

Gold Jewellery with Pearl by Bea Jareno. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Bea Jareno Jewellery

Bea Jareno is an independent fine and demi-fine jewellery designer maker. She is proud to create one of…

Beaded Flowers made by Beaded Blooms. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Beaded Blooms – Holly Parr

Holly creates exquisite alternative flowers inspired by the natural world. Detailed research of each bloom forms the foundation…

Gold and Turquoise necklace by Beca Beeby. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Beca Beeby

Beca combines love of Science and Ethnobotany with her skills in making with metals and clay, to produce…

Gallery Image painted by Belinda Coyne. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Belinda Coyne

Belinda uses vitreous enamel which she kiln fires to steel panels to communicate her lived experiences, environmental concerns,…

Geometric metalwork sculpture by Bex Simon, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Bex Simon

Fascinated by the mathematics of nature, Bex innovatively blends traditional compass-drawn geometry with hand forging and modern laser…

Molton Landscape by Blowfish Glass. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Blowfish Glass

Blowfish Glass UK is a leading hybrid hot shop and exhibition space founded by glass artist Bethany Wood,…

Wild flowers by Bridget Bailey, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Bridget Bailey

Bridget Bailey’s artworks are inspired by her allotment. From millinery and textiles to fly-tying, they grow from her…

Bunty creating bronze and copper wire mesh sculptures, Bunty Valentine Daines, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Bunty Valentine Daines

The development of Bunty’s young career has evolved through the creative experimentation of 4 dimensions ever since she…

One of the team working at byUMBERTO, the studio of Robert ‘Umberto’ Walker – artist, artisan and educator, who will be exhibiting at Craftworks.


byUMBERTO is the studio of Robert ‘Umberto’ Walker – artist, artisan and educator based in Marsden. Passionate about…

Precious Metal Jewellery by Charlotte E. Padgham, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Charlotte E Padgham Contemporary Art & Jewellery

Unconventional consciously made jewellery and artwork using the imperfect, discarded and intervention of the self as inspiration, tool,…

Screen/ wall divider with hand cut marquetry surface by Christine Meyer-Eaglestone. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Christine Meyer-Eaglestone

Christene Meyer- Eaglestone creates unique pieces of furniture with a hand-cut marquetry surface- ‘functional art’. Christene is represented…

Liberty - Japanese Garden Cushion by CLS Cushions. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

CLS Cushions

CLS cushions procure luxury designer and vintage silk scarves then carefully up-cycle them into beautiful, cushion covers. An…

Display cabinet made by Colin Norgate. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Colin Norgate

A Hampshire based – traditionally trained craftsman in wood, on a journey of inspirational discovery. With over 35…

Enamelled vessels by Cruan, an exhibitor at Craftworks.


Cruan creates stunning enamelled pieces highlighting the interaction between glass, metal and heat. Different enamelling techniques create a…

Embroidered picture of a man gardening by Darren Ball. An exhibitor at Craftworks. Darren Ball is represented at Craftworks by Design-Nation.

Darren Ball

Darren uses applique and machine embroidery to illustrate personal narratives or ideas, inspired by memorabilia or his collection…

Glass sculpture by Deborah Timperley, an exhibitor at Craftworks as part of the Design-Nation campaign.

Deborah Timperley

Deborah’s work is usually cast glass, using different variations of open casting and lost wax casting, creating one…

Mosaic by Denise Jaques. An exhibitor at Craftworks as part of the Design Nation campaign

Denise Jaques

Denise Jaques is a contemporary mosaic artist. She interweaves the impenetrable textures of clay with the liquidity of…

Colourful canvas by Design Nation, an exhibitor at Craftworks.


Design-Nation creates innovative and inclusive opportunities for the contemporary design and craft sector through future thinking. The dynamic…

Refurbished Sculpture by Duncan Mckean. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Duncan Mckean Designs and Unseen Icons

Duncan Mckean went to Uni and studied Interior Architecture and worked as an Interior Designer for many years….

Ruby Amethyst and Mint Murrine vases by E+M Glass. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

E&M Glass

E&M Glass is a contemporary glass making studio run by Margaret, Amelia, and Charlie Burke. All three artists…

Opaque dew drop with 23.5 carat gold by Elon Isaksson Glass. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Elin Isaksson Glass

Swedish glass Artist Elin Isaksson makes hand-blown decorative pieces with infused gold leaf to enhance her forms. Her…

Glass Sculpture by Elizabeth Sinkova. An exhibitor at Craftworks represented by Design-Nation.

Elizabeth Sinkova

Elizabeth Sinkova is an expressive architectural glass artist whose artworks are full of colour, motion and life. She…

Feature image by Emily Jo Gibbs. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Emily Jo Gibbs

Emily Jo Gibbs creates hand-stitched Portraits and Still lifes with a delicate graphic quality. Gently advocating The Value…

Glass artwork titled- Crossing the Rubicon by Ewa Wawrzyniak an exhibitor at CraftWorks.

Ewa Wawrzyniak

Ewa Wawrzyniak is a glass and ceramic artist taking inspiration from the landscape and the concept of home…

Ceramic stoneware by Felicity Cressida Rowbotham, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Felicity Cressida Rowbotham

Felicity Cressida Rowbotham crafts bright, bespoke ceramics from stoneware clay in the heart London. Unique, curvaceous designs and…

Tear drop pendant by Field of Tree. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Field of Tree – Kumiko Kihara

Field of Tree specialises in crafting beautiful one-of-a kind jewellery pieces, using the fading ancient Japanese technique known…

Grey and pink bar stool by Fox & Furb. An exhibitor at Craftworks

Fox & Furb 

Fox & Furb are a bespoke upholstery and furniture brand creating bold, distinctive furniture combining sculptural metal frames…

Yellow wine glass made by Gather Glass, an exhibitor of Craftworks

Gather Glass

Gather is a hot glass studio with a focus on bold and joyful colour. Every piece is designed…

Bird Sculpture by Georgina Brett Chinnery. An exhibitor at Craftworks as part of Design Nation campaign

Georgina Brett Chinnery

Georgina Brett Chinnery is an award winning leather artist. Her work concentrates on pushing the boundaries of traditional…

Two Tartan jackets by Graeme Bone. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Graeme Bone Fashion

As flagbearer for traditional kiltmaking and tailor of handcrafted menswear, Graeme Bone embodies the objective of The King’s…

Artwork by Green Grads University student, an exhibitor at CraftWorks

Green Grads

Green Grads, founded in 2021, nurture recent graduates of UK Universities who are confronting the world’s most pressing…

Wooden Sculpture by Hannah Lane. an exhibitor at Craftworks as part of the Design-Nation campaign.

Hannah Lane

Hannah Lane is a award-winning, internationally exhibited wood and paper artist. She employs traditional woodworking techniques in her…

Sarah of Hatton Willow cutting willow for her baskets. Hatton Willow is an exhibitor at CraftWorks

Hatton Willow

Based in Caerphilly, South Wales, Sarah of Hatton Willow is a willow weaver who understands the intricacies of…

Two swimmers crafted into a ring by Helen Noakes. An exhibitor at Craftworks. Helen is represented at Craftworks by Design-Nation.

Helen Noakes

Miniature scale models are the surprising focal point for Helen Noakes’ beautifully executed work. Intriguingly tucked into each…

Straw Hat making, one of the talks at Craft Really Works at Craftworks.

Heritage Crafts

Heritage Crafts is the national charity for traditional heritage crafts, providing a focus for craftspeople, groups, societies, and…

Metal Rose sculpture by Ian Thackray Blacksmith. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Ian Thackray Blacksmith

Blacksmith Ian Thackray combines age old methods with modern equipment to create a wide range of commissions and…

Abacus by Ikuko Iwamoto. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

IKUKO Iwamoto

IKUKO Iwamoto is a East London-based Japanese artist who uses porcelain to create eccentric table-top pieces and sculptures….

Boat shed at the International Boat Building Training College an exhibitor at CraftWorks.

International Boatbuilding Training College

Founded with a vision to preserve and promote the endangered trades of wooden boatbuilding, oar making and spar…

Porcelain donut vases by JAE Ceramics. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

JAE Ceramics

JAE Ceramics, aka Judith Annakie-Eriksen, creates unique handcrafted pottery created in Essex, with a mix of European and…

Leather and copper designs by Janine Partington. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Janine Partington: Leather And Enamel

Bristol-based Janine Partington creates fresh, clean and contemporary designs in enamel and in leather. She creates tactile wall…

Cosmic burl bowl by Jason Lock. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Jason Lock Woodturning

Jason Lock was working as a site carpenter until a life changing accident left him in a wheelchair….

Chair with parrot fabric by Jay and Co. Jay and Co are exhibiting at Craftworks show 2024

Jay & Co

Jay & Co aim to ’save the world’ through craft. Working with recycled, reclaimed and reused materials, accessories,…

Porcelain figurines by Jemma Gowland. An exhibitor at Craftworks. Jemma Gowland is represented at Craftworks by Design-Nation.

Jemma Gowland

Jemma Gowland’s work is based on the long history of the porcelain figurine, and so much work goes…

Chandelier silk digital print scarf by Jenny Hughes Textiles. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Jenny Hughes Textiles

A collection of printed textiles and drawings inspired by a myriad of sources such as Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible…

Set of vases by Jonquil Cook. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Jonquil Cook

London born ceramic artist Jonquil Cook produces highly decorative and functional ceramic pieces from her studio in south…

Round Willow Basket by Julie Livesey At Pip Cottage. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Julie Livesey at Pip Cottage

Julie is a maker and tutor of quality baskets and willow sculptures inspired by Lancashire’s rich cultural and…

Justyna Medon displaying beautiful luxury wallpaper. Justyna Medon an exhibitor at Craftworks. Justyna is represented at Craftworks 2024 by QEST.

Justyna Medon

Justyna Medon is a surface designer specialising in custom hand-printed collections of wall hangings, textiles, and artefacts. She…

Kate Colins, a Glasgow-based paper folding artist is an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Kate Colin

Kate Colin is a Glasgow-based paper folding artist, whose work is created using intricate scoring and folding techniques…

Classic Floral Footstool with cream legs three quarter view by Kingfly Embroidery, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Kingfly Embroidery By David Morrish

David Morrish, founder of Kingfly Embroidery, is renowned for his vibrant, textural and innovative embroidery designs, created using…

Black glass hexagon by Kira Phoenix Kinan. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Kira Phoenix K’inan

Kira’s work brings together fine art and craft through works on paper, glass sculptures, installations, and multi-exposure photography….

Fine Jewellery made by Laura Baxter. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Laura Baxter Fine Jewellery

Laura Baxter handcrafts silver and gold jewellery inspired by botanical forms. The intention of her work is to…

Table created by Loose Fit. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Loose Fit Furniture

Loose Fit is furniture lovingly designed and crafted by James Torble in East Sussex. James is a maker…

Two textile designs by Lucy Summers. An exhibitor at Craftworks as part of Design-Nation campaign.

Lucie Summers

Lucie Summers is a textile designer who uses methods of transferring dye onto waste plastic, combining dye soaked…

Straw Hat making, one of the talks by hat maker Lucy Barlow at Craft Really Works Talks programme at Craftworks.

Lucy Barlow

Hat maker Lucy Barlow practices the endangered art of machine sewing straw plait into hats. Lucy is the…

Glasswork by Lulu Harrison, an artist based between Oxford and London, who will be exhibiting at Craftworks.

Lulu Harrison

Lulu Harrison is a glass artist based between Oxford and London. As a researcher and maker in sustainable…

Hand-woven artwork by Majeda Clarke, an exhibitor at Craftworks represented by Design-Nation

Majeda Clarke

Majeda likes to bring a modern aesthetic to an ancient craft. Influenced by the historical significance of weaving…

Silver Necklace by Mari Thomas . An exhibitor at Craftworks. Mari is represented at Craftworks by Design-Nation.

Mari Thomas

Mari Thomas is one of Wales’ leading artists and contemporary jewellers. Her passion for designing and creating shines…

Basket weaving by McMillien Art. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

McMillen Art

McMillen Art create stunning woven wall hangings using locally harvested tree barks and traditional techniques. They portray modern…

Fire and water by Mel Howse Vitreous Art. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Mel Howse – Vitreous Art LTD

Mel Howse is a British glass artist. She has won numerous awards for her work as contemporary designer,…

Abstract design curtain by Michelle House, an exhibitor at Craftworks, represented by Design-Nation.

Michelle House

Michelle is a London-based artist and designer creating unique hand-printed and painted textile artworks. Her bold and graphic…

Woven cloth by Mimosa Gomi. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Momoka Gomi

Momoka’s woven cloth is a fabric that can embrace notions of personal expression and lived experiences over time….

Hand-weaving by Pamela Print, an exhibitor at Craftworks represented by Design-Nation

Pamela Print

An artist and hand-weaver, Pamela’s work draws inspiration from the ethos & aesthetic of the ancient crafts of…

Sculpture by Par-Avion and Studio Logan Howes. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Par-Avion Co With Studio Logan Howes

par-avion co. is a Norfolk-based design collective rooted in sustainability. Joined by partners Studio Logan Howes, we create…

Bogland lidded pot by Patricia Millar Ceramics. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Patricia Millar Ceramics

Patricia combines archaic domestic and organic forms found in the landscape. The potency of ancient things inspires her…

Handwoven mats by Pop Studio. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

POP Studio

POP studio focuses on creating thoughtful interactions between materials with an emphasis on sustainability. The mythology surrounding weaving…

Mosaic Artwork created by Dionne Ible at Qemamu Mosaics an exhibitor at Craftworks

Qemamu Mosaics

Mosaic Artist, Dionne Ible, based in Bedfordshire, shifted from her 9-5 job as a Legal Secretary, to exploring…

Kate Colin a QEST maker, crafting lampshades. QEST are an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust

QEST, the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, is a partner of Craftworks. QEST is a national grant-giving charity, with…

Clay sculptures made by Rachel Peters. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Rachel Peters

Rachel makes hand-built vessels and sculptures through coiling. Hand-building gives her the freedom to create without restriction, allowing…

Studded leather Necklace worn by model by Renata Koch. An exhibitor at Craftworks. Renush is represented at Craftworks by Design-Nation.


Renáta Koch uses traditional technique of leather moulding, which provides endless possibilities for manipulating and sculpting the hide…

Suspended Decorative Artwork by Rock and Soar. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Rock & Soar

Rock & Soar is a vibrant and artistic design studio that creates suspended sculptural lighting and decorative objects…

Marbled Lampshade by Rocworx. An exhibitor at Craftworks.


Rachel O’Connell is a marbling artist and leather worker. Marbling on textiles, veg-tanned leather and paper, Rachel combines…

Yellow Textile Artwork by Selina Rose. An exhibitor at Craftworks. Selina Rose is represented at Craftworks by Design-Nation.

Selina Rose

Award winning British designer-maker Selina Rose creates textile surfaces for residential and commercial interiors. Working from her Suffolk…

White wooden table by Sofia Karakatsanis, makers of sculptural furniture and objects, who will be exhibiting at Craftworks.

Sofia Karakatsanis 

Sofia Karakatsanis is a maker of sculptural furniture and objects based in the West Midlands. Her work focuses…

Drinks cabinet by Souplesse, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Souplesse Designs

Souplesse Designs are a small furniture design and manufacturing studio based in London and Devon. Established in 2021,…

Botanical glass made by Stopped Clock Glass. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Stopped Clock Glass

Stopped Clock Glass is a glass studio on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest run by Emma Mayle. Emma’s…

Feltmaking art of a fish created by Susanna Wallis, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

Susanna Wallis

Susanna Wallis has had a life long passion for making and has had successful shows at Country Living…

Embroidery painting by Susannah Weiland. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Susannah Weiland Collections

Susannah Weiland is a hand embroidery artist who works in two different styles figurative and abstract, both of…

Embroidered Sculpture made by Art of Embroidery. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

The Art of Embroidery – Caroline Hyde-Brown

Caroline’s practice is rooted in sustainability, education and environmental concerns. Her pieces seek to inform, combining a modern…

Wooden Chair from The Marchmont Workshop. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

The Marchmont Workshop

Richard Platt and Sam Cooper are award-winning furniture makers specialising in rush-seated chairs and tables. Using local materials…

A premium brown leather bag by The Saddle Lady, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

The Saddle Lady

With nine years’ experience as a bench saddler, Charlotte Powell has crafted premium saddles and ventured into film…

An artfully crafted fan. The Worshipful Company of Fan makers are an exhibitor at Craftworks.

The Worshipful Company of Fan Makers

The Worshipful Company of Fan Makers has set up an endowment fund to re-establish the art of fan…

Ceramic pot By Tom Gibson, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

THG Ceramics & Wood – Tom Gibson

Thomas Hopkins Gibson is a designer maker working in both ceramics and wood. A carpenter by trade he…

Lampshade displayed by two armchairs next to a window made by Tinker & Tallulah. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Tinker & Tallulah

Founded by husband-and-wife team Rach and Liam Millband, Tinker & Tallulah is the destination for handmade lampshades inspired…

Repurposed Cinema chair made by an exhibitor at CraftWorks

Unseen Icons

Unseen Icons are specialists in rescuing and refurbishing vintage cinema seats. Rebels at heart, their passion is taking…

Stylish chair by Waywood, furniture designers and makers. An exhibitor at Craftworks.


Waywood combines the varied skills of three furniture designers/makers, with backgrounds and influences as diverse as fine art,…

Student crafting ceramics at West Dean, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

West Dean

Spanning two locations in the stunning West Sussex countryside, and London’s bustling Bloomsbury district, West Dean offers a…

Silk on a reel by the Whitchurch silk mill. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Whitchurch Silk Mill

Whitchurch Silk Mill is the oldest working silk mill in Britain, having been built in 1813. It still…

Forged metal light by Willow Bloomfield. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Willow Bloomfield

Inspired by a curious temperament, Willow Bloomfield crafts organically forged metalwork. Willow’s work is balanced by a playful,…

One of the team working at Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Worshipful Company of Clockmakers

Established in 1631 to support a developing trade in London and protect the public from clocks of a…