Hamper by Fortnum and Masons, a sponsor of Craftworks.

Fortnum & Mason

Since the first day they threw open their doors in 1707, Fortnum & Mason has championed exceptional craft in all its forms. Three centuries later, Fortnum’s continues to work with talented craftspeople from around the world.

Working with suppliers who are committed to traditional making methods, celebrating artists whose skills and expertise are at risk of being lost, and supporting the next generation of artisans to develop their own heritage skills.

QEST panel by Fortnum and Mason, a sponsor of Craftworks.

Fortnum & Makers

Beyond the countless skilled craftspeople who contribute to Fortnum’s each day, the brand has held a number of craft-focused exhibitions in the heart of their Piccadilly flagship store — including ‘Fortnum & Makers’, and a QEST (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) show, each featuring handpicked selection of artists and creatives whose practice incorporates time-honoured techniques, across mediums as diverse as pottery, glass painting, ceramics and woodworking.

Jane Carr scarves by Fortnum and Masons, a sponsor of Craftworks.

Supporting craftspeople

“We’re unbelievably fortunate to be supporting both new talent and established makers at Craftworks — their dedication, their innovation, their commitment to sustainability and their sheer level of skill is truly inspiring.”

– Jo Newton, Director of Buying
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