Harmony armchair by Jay & Co, on the platform HuntVintage, a vintage marketplace for vintage and antique dealers, restores and also a sponsor of Craftwroks.

Hunt Vintage

Hunt Vintage® is more than just a vintage marketplace. It’s a full-service platform built only for professional vintage and antique dealers, restorers and those with exceptional pieces of sustainable craft. Every seller is vetted and every item beautiful and unique.

We’re also guided by sustainable practices throughout our entire business.

Restored Settee, made by Jay & Co. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Restoration And Regeneration

Hunt Vintage is designed to be a genuine and sustainable alternative to the heavily-industrialised timber, decor and manufacturing brands we’ve all became so used to.

Guided by the circular economy, Hunt Vintage believes in restoration and regeneration by design, maximising the lifespan of quality furniture and vintage items – ensuring full utilisation and reuse. Our approach is systematic and designed to benefit local businesses, society and the environment.

Two colourful restored Chairs made by Jay & Co. An exhibitor at Craftworks.

Showcasing Jay & Co

Hunt Vintage is delighted to support furniture company Jay & Co, and will be showcasing their pieces at Craftworks 2024. Jay & Co aim to ’save the world’ through craft. Working with recycled, reclaimed and reused materials, accessories, furniture, and fabric, they create pieces that are as good as new, and help develop a more holistic approach to interiors.

Side Board by Restored Retro, an exhibitor at Craftworks.

And Restored Retro

Hunt Vintage also supports Dorset-based mid-century furniture specialists, Restored Retro, who will be exhibiting their pieces at Craftworks 2024. All of their items are carefully sourced and professionally restored, in their in-house workshop. Turning pain into purpose!